ISA Professional Digital Hair Straightening Brush Review

I found this to be so much more convenient than a regular flat iron! Even though it’s a “brush” you should still brush your hair to make sure it’s smooth and ready for this tool. Once you’ve done that simply turn the ISA Digital Straightener on and allow it a few seconds to warm up. You’ll see the temperature display on the front and you can use the arrow buttons to adjust the temperature up or down. When you’re ready to start using the straightener simply brush it threw your hair using a slow steady motion. Not only is it much easier and faster but I find it gives my hair a much more natural straight look and doesn’t over heat my hair unnecessarily. I really like that it came with an included heat resistant glove too! That was a nice added bonus. I’ve reviewed a several different brush style straighteners and this one is by far superior in quality. It has a salon quality cord that’s extra-long and thick. There is a swivel at the base of the brush so the cord can swivel making it easier to use allowing it to move with you. This brush has 100% Titanium Ceramic plates rather than rubber or metal plates like the others I’ve tested. This is a quality product made with top quality material, and it has 2 year warranty as well.

You can find the ISA Professional Straightener Brush HERE.

I was sent a discounted sample for review purposes.


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