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I was asked to test this home indoor Eletronic Insect Killer. When it first arrived I wasn’t to sure about how well it would work. After reading the directions I realized I was doing it wrong! After correcting my mistake, to my surprise, this little gadget works GREAT! The trick is that it has to be dark so that the insects can see the light and become attracted to it. When the insects enter the cage where the light is they are zapped and bug problem solved! It works on flies, mosquitoes, nats, and most other flying insects that it encounters! I was provided a free sample by the company for review purposes and I’m loving this thing!

The zapper emits a 365nm wavelength light that is a magnet for flying insects; when they get close they get zapped
No harm or damage to people or the environment with a chemical and smell free solution
Protective mesh screen separates you from the electric grill so you don’t get shocked
Detachable and washable collection tray and custom-made brush makes cleaning easy .Insect Killers can be put anywhere – stand it on its own or hang by the detachable chain

How to use the Electronic Mosquitoes Killer Lamp properly:
Firstly, find a good location to place mosquitoes killers Lamp! It is recommended that the mosquitoes Killer Lamp should be placed at where mosquitoes are most active ! Or a place with a wide field of vision, free of obstacles. This can effectively increase the efficiency of the product usage! Avoid placing mosquitoes killer lamp near fans and/or air conditioning ! Secondly, when the product is in use, ensure doors and windows are closed and turn off the room lights ! The mosquito killer lamp should be left in a dark surrounding! Try to ensure that the mosquito killer lamp is the only source of light in a chosen area !

Thirdly, it is recommended to you that the mosquitoes killer lamp could be left on when you go out the house! Keep mosquito lamp! If you do wish to leave the mosquitoes killer lamp on for 24 hours , then it is recommended that you could switch it on three hours before going to bed! We want to tell all buyers that our mosquitoes killer lamp is really energy saving and efficient, therefore not need to worry over wasting electricity! Trust us on that!

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