Review Beautonics Advanced Hair Straightener Brush

I just got this straightener brush in the mail last week and it’s amazing! I have a different brand I’ve tried before and didn’t care for it because it was so heavy in my hand by this one is nothing like my other one! It’s much lighter and easier to hold! Not only that it works so much better so of course I highly recommend this brand. Even the color is nice and makes it appear as if it’s more of a quality product! It’s very easy to use. Just plug it in and give it a few mins to heat up. I like to set the temp to high. To lock it so that you don’t mistakenly change the temp when using it by hitting it with your thumb just press the on button a second time. To turn it off press the on button and hold it down for a few seconds or just unplug it. I’m really impressed with how fast it straightened my hair! If your interested in purchasing your own Beautonics Hair Straighter Brush you can find the link HERE.
(Sample provided for review)


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