Review of the Kids stainless steel castle plate #coolplate

I was sent the stainless steel castle plate to review and here’s why I love it! It has such a cute castle design so my little girl feels like a princess. The best part is that I know it’s BPA free so there is no guessing about that one! I know BPA plastic has it written on there products BUT how do I really know it’s BPA free or not. That’s why I’d prefer to just purchase a steel plate because I know exactly what I’m getting with no second guessing myself. The food can be arranged on it to look like doors and windows as well as people so it makes dinner time fun.
Sample provided for review.
If your interested in buying one you can find it here!





Have you heard of toothbrush style makeup brushes?! They ROCK!

O.k, I know I haven’t done a blog post in a while but that’s because I didn’t find anything worth talking about till now! I’m so excited over this new style make up brush I just found that I honestly can’t stop talking about it! They seriously ROCK (ummmmm… like no other makeup brush has rocked before)! I just got a set of Docolor Makeup Brushes in the mail and was asked to review them. At first I didn’t think much of them until I tried them. All I can say is OMG THEY ARE AMAZING. I’ve been using them for about 2 weeks now and I’m so impressed with the quality. I have to admit I wasn’t to sure about them when I ordered them because the price was so much more affordable than the Artis brushes. Well, I was pleasantly surprised!! These are just as good if not better that the Artis Brand brushes but literally a 10th of the price! An equivalent set would be about $450 if you bought the Artis Brand. These brushes have exceeded my expectations big time! They are so incredibly soft and they even seem to actually cut down on my make up application time. They don’t soak up your foundation and they blend your makeup effortlessly and beautifully. Even my one year old loves rubbing them on her face (without makeup of course)! She loves to imitate mommy!

The toothbrush shape of the handle actually makes the brushes so much easier to hold that it honestly makes me wonder why all makeup brushes don’t have this type of handle because it really is ergonomically better. The toothbrush shaped handles are shaped that way for applying makeup to yourself where as the brushes with the traditional straight handles are made more for makeup artist applying makeup to someone else. I haven’t figured out how to use the eye shadow brushes yet but I’ve watched YouTube videos and the girls make it look effortless and their eye makeup applies perfectly. I think it’s just that “I” haven’t learned how to use them to apply eye makeup yet. In other words the eye brushes have a learning curb.

1. No shedding
2. No color fading
3. They are silky soft
4. Ergonomic handles

1. A slight learning curb with eyeshadow brushes. I wish the brushes were labeled.

All in all I’d highly recommend these because there really are that good!

Sample sent for review.

The best price I found for the Docolor toothbrush style makeup brushes is on Amazon on sale for $32.99 for a 10 brush set. They were originally $52.78 so that’s about a 20% savings!