REVIEW Pure Goodness Premium Superfood Hemp Seed Protein Powder

upQKn7CpSe2cWS1H8DnM_Untitled.pngI was sent a sample of the Pure Goodness Hemp Seed Chocolate Flavored Protein to try. Personally I prefer mixing it in milk but it can also be mixed with water. I think it makes a really yummy chocolate coffee breakfast shake! To do this I just mix a half of a stick of Starbucks instant coffee with 2 scoops of Pure Goodness Chocolate Hemp Seed Protein, about 5 ice cubes and a little whole milk (about 4 oz) and blend! Not only do you get your morning protein but you also get your morning cup of coffee at the same time! Pour it into a cup with a lid and you’re ready to run out the door for the day! I find the protein powder is very versatile and can be used in shakes or for baking. It’s not chalky at all which I really like and it also blends well with fruits too! You can order for only $24.99 HERE.

New Pure Goodness Proteins are made from a powerful plant-based formula that contains 15 grams of plant based protein per serving and all amino acids essential for human dietary needs.
Pure Goodness products are Non-GMO verified, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, 100% Vegan and Paleo Friendly!
Choose from two different variations: Hemp Seed Protein and Pumpkin Seed Protein which are available in three delectable flavours: Unflavoured, Chocolate and Vanilla.
All seeds are gently cold pressed and minimally processed to ensure maximum nutrient preservation and digestibility.

Pure Goodness is a premium brand of superfoods made from naturally nutrient-rich ingredients that truly nourishes you.
Non-GMO verified and formulated with love, Pure Goodness premium superfoods offers you the very best nutrition.
Pure Goodness products are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan and paleo friendly. Our products are minimally processed for maximum nutrient preservation and are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. They contain simple, plant-based ingredients which promote sustainable food production which leads to better environmental health.
We also believe in taking care of each other. This is why we give back, by donating 1% of sales to help provide nutritious food to communities in need across the US! You can visit their website at
[Sample provided for review]



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