Review of the 3-n-1 Travel Bassinet by BagyBed

I was so excited when I first say the 3 in 1 Portable Travel Bassinet Diaper Bag by BagyBed! Not only is it a portable travel bassinet that is perfect for your infant to take naps at grandmother’s house, the baby sitters, or when visiting a friend, etc. but it’s actually a diaper bag and changing pad too! How amazing and well thought out is that? It really does make traveling with your infant so much easier when your taking a flight and staying in a hotel room. I’ll let you in on a little secret; the cribs the hotels provide usually are not what I’d consider safe. For example, the AAP recommends only snuggly fitted bedding but hotels normally only provide a queen size flat sheet folded in half and wrapped around the crib mattress they provide in the portable crib they provide. Well, that’s not “fitted” and it’s over sized so it can come loose and pose a hazard to your infant. Sure, you can back your own crib sheet but is it a mini size or a standard. Normally when you call the person who answers the phone never knows. That’s why I highly recommend packing your own infant bed and that’s where the BagyBed really comes in handy!! ’d also like to point out that the material it’s made out of makes it a snap to wipe down for cleaning! This diaper bag really is phenomenal! It’s just a bit bigger than a lap top bag and fits right on your stroller, because it’s not overly wide it doesn’t stick out, hit or knock you when you walk which a huge plus! I almost forgot the fact that it’s a changing pad too! How many times have I used a public restroom that actually didn’t provide a changing table? Well, this solves that problem too! The only thing I wish I could change is the color!

You can find the BagyBed listed on Amazon. It’s currently on sale for $54 off! CLICK HERE to purchase!
[Sample provided for review]


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