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I truly love microcurrent and I’m going to tell you why! I’ve been using the 7e MyoLift Microcurrent Machine for about 8 weeks now and the results are amazing so I wanted to take the time to share my experience and post my own personal review! Being a full time Mommy it took me a while to find the time to be able to actually sit down and wright this blog review but here it is! I must confess, I was actually going to look into plastic surgery for the wrinkles that were developing around my eyes and the hooded eye lids I was beginning to develop but decided to try microcurrent first so see what kind of results I could achieve with that first. I’m honestly so excited with my results I’m going to skip the consult with the plastic surgeon! My face has more of a “toned” look to it now, my skin is much tighter and firmer! My eyebrows appear raised and my eyes have more of an open awake look. The issue with the hooded eyelids I was developing all but went away and so did the crow’s feet around my eyes! I feel I almost have the appearance of Botox without the dreaded “frozen” look! To fit the MyoLift into my schedule I use it when I’m doing my morning cardio walking on the treadmill while my baby is playing with her toys. You can also use it while your watching t.v. at night. The unit is cordless so you can just set it next to you on the couch. You do need two hands to use it though. Because the probes are so small you can easily get around your eyes and lips unlike with the NuFace where you have to purchase an expensive attachment to go along with an already pricy unit.

7e Myolift – Microcurrent Face Lift & Facial Stimulation Device

My Before:

My After:

The beauty with microcurrent is that it enables you to be able to “work out” the facial muscles. I mean, let’s face it, we all know how important it is to work out our bodies so why do we skip the facial muscles??! Well, before we never had a way to work out those muscles until now! With age the facial muscles get soft and begin to sag the same as your triceps would. Not good! In addition to working out the facial muscles and keeping your face toned microcurrent actually stimulates new collagen growth. Collagen is something else we unfortunately lose with age. By re-growing collagen it re-plumps the fine lines smoothing them out again and softens deep wrinkles! Think of collagen as the fillers people pay to have injected in their faces for cosmetic reasons but doing it this way is 100% natural!

Many professional estheticians on YouTube also highly recommend this machine, which was what helped me decide to purchase it. This is the exact same unit many estheticians use on you when you book a treatment with them.

Is it hard to use? Nope! The 7e MyoLift is very ease to do a treatment on yourself. Here is an instructional video to show you how easy it is:

This video explains more about the unit and demonstrates how it can be used in a professional setting like a salon:

Another huge plus about the 7e MyoLift is the price point and the fact that it’s a professional grade microcurrent unit! Being priced at only $269 the average house mom can actually afford it without stressing over the cost! For comparison sake, if you were to go to a doctor’s office and schedule a microcurrent apt you’d spend close to $100 on one session. Going off those kinds of numbers this unit pays for itself after just 2 treatments!!

Just what does “professional” mean any way? It means this unit is meets the requirements to be used in a professional setting (such as by a professional esthetician in a salon selling sessions/treatments) but has been determined safe for home use also. So there you have it! Now you know why I always shop for “professional grade” when I’m in the market for a beauty device.

For more information please visit the 7e Wellness website HERE. You can also find the MyoLift on Amazon HERE.

I did not get a discount or free unit in exchange for this review. I just love it so much and I’m so excited with my results I wanted to share.

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