Pashoshi Bib Review! #review #pashoshibaby #gotitfree


These are really high in quality, very adorable, and fashionable bandana drool bibs! You get 4 in a set and each one comes in a different pattern which I love! What’s really nice about these bibs is that they are made of very high quality materials and are very adjustable because each bib has 3 different size options. Just chose what snap to use based on your babies size. In my opinion these would make a really nice shower gift for a mom to be if you’re in the market for a baby gift or maybe just looking for some quality drool bibs for your cutie pie! I know the package refers to these as “drool” bibs but I use them during feedings and they did a great job. The food didn’t soak threw them at all. All in all these bibs are super cute and very stylish! These Pashoshi Bandana drool bibs are currently marked down to only $19.95 (marked down from $43.60)! Now that’s a deal!! CLICK HERE to order. #pashoshibaby

[Sample sent for review]


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