Mom approved toys with a social impact!

Growing up I loved playing with my blocks and building fun creative structures. Blocks are an oldy but goody and there here to stay! I love fun educational classic toys and here’s you can find the classics with a twist of modernness!
A Fun ToyFrom A ConsciousCompany
One of the oldest and most reliable toys that children have played with for centuries is the simple wooden block. It’s versatile, safe and most of all fun. While standard wooden blocks are still fun, there have been major innovations and advancements in technology to bring us to where we are now.
The Tegu blocks are an awesome modern twist on a classic toy. These blocks may look simple at first glance, but only when you start to play with them do you realize truly how awesome they are. Tegu blocks come with tiny magnets embedded in the blocks, which means that kids of any can create structures they only ever dreamed of. And with plenty of options, there’s a perfect Tegu set for any family!

What Moms are Saying About Tegu

Christina is a mommy of three who shares fun activities for kids on her YouTube channel, The Purple Alphabet. During her video review of the Tegu blocks, she says “It really encourages your child to think creatively… you’re gonna get a lot of use out of these over the years.”
“Bought these for my 6 year old grandson for Christmas and we now call his creations “the work of a City Planner. ” The different shapes and structures take on the look of city skylines with random items like trees, bridges, etc. Geometry was never so much fun.” -Deborah F.
“My first reaction was “these are pricey!” but they were highly recommended to me so I gave it a go. Now I can tell they will be loved for years. My 3 year old loves stacking them and clicking them together and a part. I even have fun playing with these and I’m an adult. They are high quality and the colors are great.” -Summer H.

The Social Impact

Not only are Tegu blocks fun, but they have a social impact. The business was founded in Honduras with the idea of helping out a country with an unemployment rate of above 30%. Local Hondurans are regularly hired and receive opportunities for growth and leadership within the company. If that weren’t enough, with every purchase of a Tegu product, the company plants more trees or funds a whole day of school for a child without access to education.

With a product this fun and a company that is so caring, it’s hard not to love Tegu, and the products listed here are only the beginning! Be sure to check out the full Tegu catalog to find out which one is right for you.

Classic 40 Piece

Create amazing structures and wonderful memories with the classic Tegu block 40 piece pack. Coming in four styles (tints, natural, jungle, and Nelson), the classic Tegu pack is the perfect purchase for kids who want to experience as many combinations as possible.

What’s included:

  • 40 Magnetized Tegu Blocks in seven shapes
  • Large storage box
  • The Tegu Story booklet filled with build ideas and the Tegu story

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On-The-Go Sets

This Tegu pack is perfect for families who are constantly on the go. Available in four sets, these Tegu mini packs come with their own carrying case to make sure you don’t lose any of the pieces.


What’s included:

  • Six magnetized Tegu blocks
  • High quality carrying case
  • Building ideas

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Classic Wood

This set is perfect for more retro-minded families. The classic wood Tegu package includes 22 slick wooden blocks that can be used to create tons of different wooden structures and shapes.wooden

What’s Included:

  • 22 magnetized blocks in four shapes
  • Storage box

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Kidznet Enterprises Cookie Teether #review #Myfirstsweettooth #KidznetEnterprisesMyfirstsweettooth #gotitfree

Look what I just got in the mail! These are very nice quality “Oreo” style teethers! They are not only cute as a button but they are the perfect texture and size for teething babies! I love the 3 different colors offered in the set and the package it perfect for presenting as a shower gift. The box is a nice size and shape for wrapping too. All 3 mommy teething necklaces come with their own necklace/string that has a break away clip just in case baby tugs to hard while it’s on moms neck it will break away. One of the big advantages to mom (or dad) wearing the teether around their neck is that it prevents baby from dropping or throwing it on the floor keeping it clean. If you’d like to hand it to your baby to play with simply remove the string/necklace cord. The cord is not meant to be part of the toy when handing the cookie teether to your baby for safety reasons of course. I’d also like to point out why I love teethers on necklaces so much, the reason is because it provides something to keep my babies hands busy when I’m nursing her or just holding her. Otherwise she would yank my hair out, pull my shirt, pinch me, scratch me, etc.… Wearing a teether toy solves this problem 100%! This set of cookie teethers is only $12.97 and you can find them HERE!
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Kitchen Gizmo Cherry Pitter #Review #kitchengizmo #gotitfree


I absolutely love cherries but hate them at the same time because of the stones. It it wasn’t for having to remove the seed/stone if eat them more often and even use them in smoothie and fresh juices. Well, now that I’ve found this gadget I finally can and I’m so excited about it! I can feed a handful of fresh cherries at a time, push down and she seed falls into the plate below. It’s so easy and the mess it a thing of the past!! I highly recommend it!
If your interested in one of your own you can find it on Amazon for only $14.99 by going here!
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Review of Baby Bandana Drool Bibs #bandanabibspring #gotitfree #review

If you’re looking for high quality, adorable, and fashionable bandana style bibs you found them!!  You get 4 in a set and each one comes in a different pattern which I love! What’s really nice about these bibs is that they are made of 100% cotton and 100% polyester backing. They are made in the USA and only the most beautiful brightest and boldest colors are chosen! Each bib is adjustable using the  3 different size options.

Just chose what snap to use based on your babies size. With two adjustable snaps, this bib will easily fit infants up to toddlers (3-24 months). In my opinion these would make a really nice shower gift for a mom to be if you’re in the market for a baby gift or maybe just looking for some quality drool bibs for your cutie pie! I know the package refers to these as “drool” bibs but I use them during feedings because they are very absorbent and they did a great job. The food didn’t soak threw them at all. All in all these bibs are super cute and very stylish! CLICK HERE if your interested in ordering a set of these bandana style bibs!

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Pashoshi Bib Review! #review #pashoshibaby #gotitfree


These are really high in quality, very adorable, and fashionable bandana drool bibs! You get 4 in a set and each one comes in a different pattern which I love! What’s really nice about these bibs is that they are made of very high quality materials and are very adjustable because each bib has 3 different size options. Just chose what snap to use based on your babies size. In my opinion these would make a really nice shower gift for a mom to be if you’re in the market for a baby gift or maybe just looking for some quality drool bibs for your cutie pie! I know the package refers to these as “drool” bibs but I use them during feedings and they did a great job. The food didn’t soak threw them at all. All in all these bibs are super cute and very stylish! These Pashoshi Bandana drool bibs are currently marked down to only $19.95 (marked down from $43.60)! Now that’s a deal!! CLICK HERE to order. #pashoshibaby

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Make cleaning fun with #Angry #Mamma Microwave Steemer #Going Green #kitchengizmo #gotitfree


This is AWESOME!!!! I love this little gadget by Kitchen Gizmo Angry Mama!!! I even love that the one I was sent is a brunette like me! It’s so easy to use that I honestly didn’t even look at the directions. Basically you fill the bottom with vinegar and the rest with tab water but don’t fill to the very top of course. Put the head back on and place your little Angry Mom in the center of a dirty microwave then turn the microwave on high for about 5 or 8 minutes without opening the door (so the pressure can build up). Once the cycle is done and the microwave dings remember your Angry Mama will be very hot so use caution when removing her. Once she is out of the oven just take a clean cloth, sponge, paper towels or whatever you prefer to use to whip your microwave clean and give it a good wipe down. Then you’re done!!! It’s really that simple and it’s actually fun!  And like I said before, I’m totally in love with this product and wouldn’t mind buying more! I’d love to own the red head and blond Angry Mama too! These Angry Mama’s are currently on sale in time for Valentines Day for $11.60 marked down from it’s usual $22.99

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#waterflosser Why I #Love the Gurin Professional Water Flosser #Review #Beauty #Smile

1Today were going to talk about flossing!! Yes, you heard me correct! LoL I found my favorite water flosser and I wanted to share with you why I love this cordless water flosser so darn much! I know that sounds funny but I bet my dentist would be proud! Well, to make a long story short and get to the point Gurin Professionals emailed me about writing a review about their new cordless water flosser and I accepted because I’ve been looking high and low for a good flosser. Well, when this baby showed up at my door step I was thrilled! I know that’s kind of weird right, thrilled about a flosser but I and in love with this one. First the fact that it’s cordless and rechargeable is huge in my opinion!! I’m one of those people who hate taking the time to floss! First I bought those little flossing sticks from the grocery store and they were ok but a lot of times the floss would pop breaking on me. My husband would set the sticks down in the reach of the baby and I was always worried she’d poke her eye out with the pointed end of those sticks so I was all was picking them up. I spent about a hundred dollars and bought a corded water flosser (think it’s the Water Pick Brand) but I hated that it took up so much space on my small counter and I had a cord running to a socket. Being a bathroom I didn’t think that was safe and I wanted my counter space back so that’s in the closet. When I saw this hand held cordless water flosser by Gurin I was so excited I wanted to dance…. But I didn’t!!! I kept my cool about it. Hahahaha! It showed up in the mail about a week ago and my husband and I have been using it faithfully because it’s so darn easy! The water reservoir is the perfect size to hold just the right amount of water. You can remove the water reservoir and fill it that way or you can flip open the water compartment and fill it that way. Another thing I love about this water flosser is just how powerful it is! I brushed my teeth very well then used this flosser and yucky left over food STILL came out of my back teeth! So you definitely be surprised at how well this small but powerful flosser works! Also, if you have sensitive I don’t recommend filling it with cold cold water. This water pick has 3 different settings and I can tell you it works excellent! The water tank is BPA-free also! Even though this flosser is very strong it’s not uncomfortable but there is a “soft” setting if you’d prefer to use that setting instead. Included in the box you’ll get 2 different color coded heads so that more than one person can use it. The heads are color coded so just pop the correct head on for that person like you would with rechargeable tooth brush such as a Sonicare. For the price and quality you really can’t do better than this water pick. I’m so excited to have it!
[My water flosser was provided free so I could try it and post a detailed review telling you all about the Gurin Professional Rechargeable Water Flosser!]

If your interested in purchasing one of your own you can find it currently on sale for only $37.95 HERE. It’s marked down from $87.95 so hurry and order why it’s still on sale because this is a very nice deal!