Review Of The Fe’ Fit Workout Plan DVD Set

I was sent the Fe’ Fit Women’s 13 week, 90 day workout program and it’s amazing! I’m so impressed with it that I wanted to write about it in my blog! My only complaint and it’s not a big one is well, I know it’s targeted to moms but I don’t need to hear it all threw the workout. She says things like “We are strong mommies”, Come on mommies you can do it, etc.. After a while it does gets annoying. Other than that I absolutely love this DVD set because it’s not overly hard and the average person can keep up with it. I didn’t think my baby would let me do a workout but to my surprise she loves how colorful this DVD is and watches the screen and smiles. When I’m doing the workout she loves watching me and thinks I’m playing with her so every time I go into a downward movement I smile at her or say, booo!  She gets a kick out of it and giggles the while time as if it’s play time for her. It’s a great way to get a good burning workout and spend time with my baby and interact! I highly recommend this workout set! So if your looking for something to help get the holiday weight off and don’t have time to hit a gym or finding a sitter is a problem please check this program out! You can find the Fe’ Fit Program HERE. Another added bonus is that it’s currently on sale for the holidays for only $59.97 marked down from $180 !!!

[sample sent for review]


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