Yalmeh Super Youth-Anti Aging Serum Set #Yalmehnaturals #review

I really like that this set comes with all 3 different products! First off I have to say I love Hyaluronic Acid because it actually holds 50 times its weight in water meaning it’s extremely hydrating and re-plumps your skin causing fine lines to go bye-bye! Yup, bye bye!!! Got to love that! Now you know why Hyaluronic Acid is my best friend! I apply it each and every day morning and night! Heck, if there was such a thing as a Hyaluronic Acid bath on the market I’d buy stock in it because that’s how good the stuff is! Secondly, the the Yalmeh HA has Vitamin C in it which is another product that I absolutely love because Vitamin C not only stimulates your own collagen production but keeps your skin plump and youthful looking, it is known for lighting dark spots, repairs, hydrates and moisturizes! The Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum has 20% vitamin C in it which is the highest concentrate of it you can find on the market! As an added bonus their Vitamin C serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid (can never have to much of that), Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Aloe so it’s even more hydrating to your skin and leaves it with that dewy youthful look we’re all trying to achieve. Another reason I really like the Yalmeh product line is because the texture of their serums. They glide on so smooth and are so slick that a very small amount covers my entire face and neck meaning it will last a long time costing me less in the long run. The Vitamin C lotion is wonderful for lightening dark spots, repair, hydrate and moisturizing your skin so it’s the perfect product to finish off your daily routine.  After doing some research I noticed their products are all made in the USA, plant derived using all natural ingredients, all their products are made in small batches to insure freshness, are free of fillers, GMO free, cruelty free, vegan friendly, and GMP compliant! I stumbled onto this brand after I was sent a free sample and asked to post my experience and opinion. After using the Yalmeh products for 2 weeks I noticed my skin is glowing and has a much brighter even skin tone! Even the fine lines that were starting to show around my eyes has vanished and the small spots on my cheeks from sun damage when I was younger are much lighter now. I can actually walk out of the house with no makeup on and feel good about myself! If your interested in this set you can find it on sale on Amazon for only $39.95 for all 3 products. It’s currents marked down from $59.95. That’s a $20 savings just in time for the holidays!


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