Glow2Go Self Tanning Towelletts Review #thermalabs

 I was very excited to get a 20 count box of Glow2Go Self Tanning Towelletts in the mail to review. Well, my excitement was short lived… The towels are small, thin & they kept balling up in my hands. The Towelletts dried up way to fast and weren’t very moist. These are smaller, thinner & dryer than a standard Huggies wet wipe to give you an idea of the size and quality. I had to open about 5 or 6 to cover my body and I still missed spots because it goes on clear so I couldn’t see where I applied it and it kept balling up in my hand. I finally gave up and sprayed myself with L’Oreal self tanning spray. My box was sent to me as a sample so I could post a review. I’m rating it 4 stars because I gave up on it. Sorry! I bet I’d like their other self tanning products because I do believe it’s a great self tanning product and leaves your skin with a beautiful golden glow but I’m not thrilled with the application using a towelette

Although I wasn’t thrilled with the towelletts (only because of the application) I totally recommend their self tanning lotion plus you get more bang for your buck because it comes in an XL size and you ultimately get more applications out of the bottle and of course a beautiful sun kissed tan! You can find their Sunless tanning lotion HERE!



  1. Love this! ❤


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