Review Click N Play Salon Doll Chair #dollsalonchair

Wow! This is an excellent doll toy accessory & of course as cute as can be!! What I really like about it is that it’s actually a quality toy! Not that cheap made in China looking plastic either! It’s mostly assembled already so there isn’t much for Mom & Dad to have to build. You will need a small Phillip’s head screw driver for the 2 screws that hold the foot rest on but that’s all. I DO recommend attaching the foot rest and screwing it on BEFORE attaching the base/bottom of the chair because your screw driver may not fit if it has a long handle. This set does come with some beauty salon accessories. I don’t believe the accessories are small enough to present a chocking hazard for small children. Another cure feature about this salon chair is that the foot peddles make it go up and down so it’s very realistic! It arrived in a plane white box without a viewing window or any kind of advertising printed on it if that matters to you. The money went towards the actual toy and not decorating the packaging. This fits the American Girl Dolls perfectly! If you’re interested in this adorable salon doll chair you can find it on AMAZON by CLICKING HERE.
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