Water Wipes! The best most natural baby wipe!

I got a free sample of Water Wipes in the mail and they’re wonderful! I love them so much I wanted to take the time to post a detailed review to tell you all about them! These are excellent baby wipes! I wondered why a wipe with only water didn’t exist then I happen you get a sample of Water Wipes in the mail so I could try them and post my opinion & I LOVE these! When I was in the hospital for the birth of my baby they used plain dry wipes that you wet with water. If that’s what they use in hospitals then why do we see Huggies and Pampers wipes on the store shelfs & buy those?? With Water Wipes we know what we’re using and putting on our baby’s sensitive skin. The wipes are extreamly moist, actually they are more moist than other brands I’ve used. The package actually has a little weight to it when you pick it up but they are not overly wet to where they drip when you pick them up or anything. Another thing I’d like to point out is that each wipe is very strong, a nice size & thick as to prevent them tearing and getting baby poop on your hands. So that’s always a huge plus! If your interested in purchasing Water Wipes you can find them for sale on the Target website as well as Amazon. A single pack sells for about $3.99 & a large 540 ct box sells for $26.99 on the Target Website. 



  1. Water wipes? So, what do other wipes have in them??? 😳


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