How to firm sagging skin, reduce pore size & fix fine lines using this at home device #brighttherapy

   I’m very excited about this device and I’m really happy that I found it! I just learned about LED bright light therapy and it’s very impressive to me! There’s so much to say about it that I’m just giving you an overview! I’ve don’t lots of research on the topic and it’s amazing!

This hand held home unit is very powerful and the best buy for your money because you get all three color lights in the form of interchangeable light cartridges. Most units you only get one color light so you have to decide what you want to treat. For example my concern is fine lines because I’m 38 but I’m also very interested in the green light because I do have sun damage spots from years of not wearing sun screen when I was younger. With this unit I don’t have to buy an entirely different device just to get the green light therapy! That’s a bargain!! I haven’t tried the blue cartridge because I don’t have an issue with acne but I’d imagine it works just as well as the other two colors! Now back to the red and green cartridges, I’m very happy with the results I’ve gotten using these! My skin appears a lot brighter and plump looking and most of my sun spots certainly have faded and I’ve only been using the unit for about 2 weeks! The directions say to use it on freshly washed skin because you don’t want any oils or makeup blocking the light from penetrating the skin. This device should be used every day for 8 weeks then used once or twice a week to maintain. 

This is also a wonderful choice for someone with sensitive skin or someone who’s looking for a more natural roughy because there are no harsh chemical or products to apply to your skin. 

My unit was mailed to me as a sample so I could see the quality first hand, use it for a while and post my opinion and like I said before, I’m very happy with it! The fact that it’s cordless makes it even better because I can walk around the house getting things done while I’m using it. Also, it does come with an eye mask if you think the lights to bright you can wear the eye mask.

If you’re interested in purchasing this nifty little device you can find it on their website at as well as for sale on Amazon.   It’s currently on sale for only $119 (marked down from $299!) . This would make a great gift for someone for the holidays are an even better gift for yourself!! You could even share it with your teen if they have breakouts because the blue light works great for killing the bacteria that causes breakout.

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