Review Of The Fe’ Fit Workout Plan DVD Set

I was sent the Fe’ Fit Women’s 13 week, 90 day workout program and it’s amazing! I’m so impressed with it that I wanted to write about it in my blog! My only complaint and it’s not a big one is well, I know it’s targeted to moms but I don’t need to hear it all threw the workout. She says things like “We are strong mommies”, Come on mommies you can do it, etc.. After a while it does gets annoying. Other than that I absolutely love this DVD set because it’s not overly hard and the average person can keep up with it. I didn’t think my baby would let me do a workout but to my surprise she loves how colorful this DVD is and watches the screen and smiles. When I’m doing the workout she loves watching me and thinks I’m playing with her so every time I go into a downward movement I smile at her or say, booo!  She gets a kick out of it and giggles the while time as if it’s play time for her. It’s a great way to get a good burning workout and spend time with my baby and interact! I highly recommend this workout set! So if your looking for something to help get the holiday weight off and don’t have time to hit a gym or finding a sitter is a problem please check this program out! You can find the Fe’ Fit Program HERE. Another added bonus is that it’s currently on sale for the holidays for only $59.97 marked down from $180 !!!

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Review! The world’s 1st USB Rechargable Callus Remover by Lift Care Essentials!

I was sent the Lift Care Essential’s Rechargeable Callus Remover to review! It’s the first USB rechargeable Electric Callus Remover that actually delivers up to 10 hours of use on a single 30 minute charge! That’s amazing!!! I love that it’s rechargeable because I hate changing batteries and I don’t care to be held back by a power cord either. It’s well made & feels sturdy in my hands unlike some of the others I’ve tried. It’s comes in a nice bright color so I can spot it easily in my bathroom drawer which is really helpful! I love using an electric callus remover because it’s so much easier than doing it by hand. If I use a stone my hand gets so tired and it takes much longer but with this I can pretty much keep my hand in one place and it just spins removing the callus for me. I can see how this would be wonderful for someone who has arthritis in their hands. The cord is the perfect length for charging, it’s affordable, works great, comes with an extra replacement roller, it’s water proof for use in the bath tub and charges fast! I totally recommend it!

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REVIEW Of The Snug Baby Monitor #Amazonreview

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If your looking for a great price on a clear quality baby monitor without breaking the bank I found the Snug Baby Monitor on sale for only $69.95 marked down from $149.99 !! This monitor works with your smart phone or tablet. It’s compatible with iPhone android devices. you don’t get a hand held monitor because you use your smart device for that. this way your saving money by not being forced to purchase the monitor portion which is really nice! There’s only one downfall so I’ll get that out of the way up front so we can end on a positive note! It seems it only works if it’s hardwired to your router. That sucks! My router isn’t located in my baby’s room or the play room and buying an extremely long wire is out of the question. I emailed the seller to ask if it has to be hardwired to the router but didn’t get a reply and I couldn’t get through to the company that makes the actual camera either so my guess is that it only works if it’s plugged into your internet router. If I find this not to be true I’ll update this review. Now onto the good points about this camera!

1) It doesn’t have to only be used for babies or kids.

2) It has a very nice crystal clear picture with 2 way sound

3) It’s easy to set up

4) It feels very sturdy and well made

5) Its priced really nice for all features it has & quality

6) It can be mounted on the wall or set on a dresser or table

My Snug cam was mailed to me as a product sample so I could see first hand how nicely it’s made and that it’s a quality product. I was asked to post my experience and opinion. If your interested in purchasing this baby monitor you can find it on sale HERE for only $69.95.

#Review GoToFine Make Up Mirror 7X

#GotofineHandMirror #review

I was looking for a really nice make up mirror that wouldn’t break the bank and this is it! A good makeup mirror can make all the difference in the world in your appearance! I love that its double sided, it’s sleek, stable and very sturdy. One side is magnified up to 7x so you can see fine deals when plucking hairs or doing extractions while the other side is a normal mirror for putting on your make up. I’ve very pleased with this mirror and it even comes with a stand to hold it up for me. Because it’s made of a clear trim it matches my bathroom perfectly! I was sent the Gotofine Double Sided 1x – 7x Magnification Handheld Mirror as a product sample so I could see the quality first hand and post my experience and opinion. This is a great option if your looking to save money because it’s currently on sale for only $16.99 marked down from $24.99! If your interested in purchasing the Gotofine Double Sidded 1x – 7x Magnification mirror you can find it HERE! Also, I’d like to point out this would make a nice last minute Christmas gift or stocking stuffer!

ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron – $170 off! #Review #ISAprofessional

I was looking for a flat iron as a gift for a friend of mine. I found this one and ordered it. When it showed up in the mail I opened the box and was instantly jealous! Even the box it comes in is over the top quality. The packaging it comes in is so nice, glossy and slides open! You can actually repurpose the box and use it as a jewelry box if you’re in the mood for an art and craft project! You can tell this is a high end flat iron just by looking at the packaging!! I love this digital flat iron and it even has a lock button so you can lock the temperature to your favorite temp setting and it won’t accidently get changed if your fingers happen to bump the buttons. When you lock/unlock the temp setting you’ll hear a beep to let you know it’s been locked or unlocked and I really like that it lets you know. The buttons feel really responsive and durable; they are made of hard plastic and not cheap rubber that would crack over time. This flat iron is made of solid ceramic and not ceramic coated which is a very nice feature! It has a beautiful easy to read digital display that’s very nice and it comes with a high end professional grade power cord that’s nice and long which is really nice because it’s longer than the cords on most store bought flat irons on the market. The extra length is a real convenience! It also has a really nice swivel attachment on the bottom of this flat iron where the cord connects so that it won’t knot up on you when you’re trying to use it. The pivoting plates and spacing makes straightening thick hair a real breeze and it doesn’t tug or damage your hair! I totally recommend this flat iron! It’s truly amazing quality and a huge upgrade from a Chi! Mine was mailed to me so I could see the quality first hand and post my experience with it and my opinion! This flat iron is so high end you’ll want to start drooling over it if your friend gets one first! No kidding, it’s that good! This flat iron just feels so good holding in your hand! ISA products are the BEST! I own the ISA Smart Iron and I’m thrilled with that one!

This flat iron is currently on sale for only $129 (marked down from $299) so now is a great time to purchase one of your own if your in the market for a new flat iron!!! You can find it on sale HERE!

Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque Review #review


I just got a sample of the Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque in the mail and I’m so excited about it! It actually left my face glowing with a fresh dewy appearance! I had some spots covering my cheeks and chin from sun damage. Unfortunately I didn’t wear sunscreen when I was a teen and I’m seeing it now! After using this masque for a few weeks I’ve notice a huge difference and the dark spots actually lightened! I didn’t think that was even possible without a laser! Do I recommend this masque? Defiantly!  It’s priced at more of a splurge price point but if it’s in your budget I totally recommend it! One box is about $65 and contains 6 mask (making each application about $10 and some change). When you take the mask out of its pouch adjust the mask until you get it lined up to your face. It’s best to lie down so it will stay in place. I put mine on when soaking in the tub. The directions say to leave it on about 10 mins but I kept it on about 20 mins to make sure I got the most out of it. The mask was very pleasant, comfortable and didn’t burn, sting or irritate my skin at all! When I took it off it left my skin glowing like I just left an expensive spa and had a facial done. If your interested in purchasing this mask you can find it HERE!


About the Product

The summer heat has gone away but you might be noticing lingering signs of summer sun damage. Exuviance has developed a paper masque formulated with concentrated brighteners to diminish the look of those dark spots left behind from long days at the beach and help prevent the formation of new spots. Skin is left luminous and cushioned with moisture for a radiant complexion.  Product snapshot: • Patented NeoGlucosamine® exfoliates skin to help break up existing dark spots, creating more even pigment • Vitamin C amps up the brightening process by helping diminish the look of existing dark spots and preventing the formation of new spots • Lightly hydrating serum leaves skin luminous, cushioned with moisture • Masque is designed to adjust to fit any face so it adheres and locks in the active-rich formula The benefits: Treat yourself to a pampering, intensive skin-transforming experience with this unique masque. The concentrated formula is packed with powerful ingredients selected to deliver specific brightening benefits, diminishing the look of dark spots and uneven pigmentation, so skin looks younger. Specifically designed to adjust to fit any face, simply press the masque on your skin to adhere and lock in the active-rich formula, letting your skin absorb all the benefits of the brightening ingredients. Our patented NeoGlucosamine® gently exfoliates, helping to break up existing dark spots and creating more even pigment and youthful tone. Vitamin C takes the brightening process one step further, helping to diminish the look of existing dark spots and prevent the formation of new spots. The lightly hydrating serum leaves skin luminous and cushioned with moisture. Experience beautiful results when you lift off this special masque. Reveal a younger looking, brighter complexion with more even tone. How to use: Masques are single use. After cleansing, place the masque over the entire face, gently smoothing the fabric onto skin. Leave the masque on for 10 minutes allowing skin to absorb the potent brighteners. After 10 minutes, remove and discard the masque, massaging excess solution into the skin. Follow with a moisturizer. For best results, use with Exuviance® OptiLight products. Recommended for: Those with hyperpigmentation and summer sun damage  Size: 6 single use masques (0.60 fl oz per packette) Price: $65 at



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Review Chomps Snack Sticks Grass Fed Beef Jerky

1If you’re looking for a really awesome stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for that guy in your life or  that hard to shop for person on your Christmas list well, I found just the thing! Jerky sticks! I stumbled onto a product called Chomps and boy are they yummy! These aren’t just any jerky sticks, these are the high end grass fed beef version and you can certainly tell the difference in the first bite! They’re the perfect snack to keep on hand for after a workout; you can keep some in your car, lunch box, the pantry, a desk drawer at work, etc. They are individually packaged for on the go with no preparation needed! They are great for dorm rooms too! You get 24 to a box (or 144 in a case) and they are offered in several different flavors. These delicious jerky snacks are Whole 30 approved and go perfectly with the Paleo diet too! When it comes to holiday snacks it hard to beat jerky – but only if it’s made right!

It’s important to remember that not all jerkies are made equal. There are plenty of popular brands out there that are loaded with questionable ingredients, many of which cancel out any nutritional benefits. Here at Chomps, we do things differently.

By going back to basics, we cook up high quality jerky snacks than you can enjoy anytime, guilt-free. We start with only a few organic ingredients, such as 100% Grass-Fed Non-GMO New Zealand Beef and a handful of natural spices, then blend them together to create filling, tasty treats that feature the naturally enhanced flavor of authentic beef.

Each and every one of Chomps’ products are filled with 9g of protein, more than most typical jerky sticks. They’re also made with no added sugars and no gluten, making them perfect paleo snacks.

Our snack sticks have no MSG or nitrates, no fillers, no binders, and no added preservatives. Because we use celery juice to make our jerky stay fresh, you needn’t worry about synthetic preservation ingredients that could put your health at risk. Additionally, our jerky sticks have less salt than most of those made by other commercial manufacturers.

All of this means that our jerky is as natural as it gets!  If you’re looking for a delicious on-the-go snack that’s packed with both protein and flavor, chomp into Chomps!


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