Today I’m reviewing PURXURY ORGANIC HYDRATING SERUM + CLEANSER and I’m really liking that this serum is for sensitive skin! Another added bonus is that it’s also a multi use type product meaning that it’s a face serum, eye serum and a cleanser all in one! That’s so convenient for me when traveling and keeps my morning beauty routine simple. Being a mom I’m always looking for simple and quick ways to get thing done. Another thing  I’m really loving about this serum is that it’s all natural and organic. That means a lot in today’s world and I always use organic products whenever I can. When I use this serum my skin feels so soft, hydrated and feeling refreshed. I have noticed the fine lines appear to have filled it a bit and my skin seems more plumped up again like when I was younger. I was mailed a sample to try and post my opinion and like I said before, I love it! It has a really nice texture and glides, smooth and is unscented, which is really nice! If you’d like to try this all natural organic serum by Purxury Organic’s you can find their site HERE! It’s currently on sale for $49.95 marked down from $59.95 which makes it even sweeter!

I was also mailed a sample of their DETOX CHARCOAL SOAP and their ROSE SOAP and the charcoal bar is perfect for shaving with and the Rose bar smells divine! So be sure to check out their all natural bars of soap while your on their site because they truly are wonderful!! I love handmade soap!


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