Premium Liquid Chalk Markers REVIEW #kynsachalkmarkers


These are not only great for writing on chalk board labels and other smooth surfaces but they are perfect for your kids in the bathtub!! You can give them to your kids to draw in the tub as long as it’s a smooth surface and not a porous surface like natural stone tile. You can also turn the front of your refrigerator into a dry erase board which makes for a great grocery list spot. Same goes for the microwave door, draw on it or turn it into a dry erase board!! It wipes off perfectly with a magic sponge and water. I love these chalk markers! They get 5 stars from me! If your interested in purchasing these liquid chalk markers you can find them on sale over HERE!

[Sample provided for review]



  1. FirstBatchParenting says:

    Thanks for the review! I was literally just looking at these the other day. How funny. Love your reviews.

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  2. They are REALLY awesome! I even write on my microwave door with them. It’s perfect for leaving messages or just a cute drawing. Kids car draw on the door of the stove and use it as a dry erase board. I’m hooded now!


  3. This looks interesting. It is liquid, but does it still retain the powderized texture of chalk once applied?


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