MiniMD By Trophy Skin Handheld Portable Microdermabrasion REVIEW


I just got this gadget in the mail and I can definitely say it’s love at first sight! I already own a full size microderm but I never use it because the suit case it’s built into is so big & bulky I don’t want to take the time to pull it out of the closet! I honestly love the small hand held size of this one. It fits perfectly in my hand and has 2 different power setting, high & low. I keep mine on the high setting because I find it works best for me. To use it just plug the unit in, decide what section of your face you’d like to start on (because that will determine the direction you’ll move the unit) when doing your treatment. For the forehead you’d start from the center, allow the unit to form suction then slowly drag it outwards toward your ear/hairline. Once that stroke is complete move the device over a bit and repeat till the entire section you were working on has been treated. This device works wonderful, it’s very effective and a great investment! I’ve paid $100 for one microderm treatment before in a doctors office. Basically this home unit is the price of one treatment but you get to keep it and use it as often as you’d like.

Also, because of its small hand held size it’s perfect for packing in your luggage if your taking a vacation or maybe your job requires you to travel a lot. I noticed it only comes with one tip so you’ll have to buy additional tips in different sizes if you’d like to use it on smaller areas. I don’t change tips for the most part (on my other unit) but when I do it’s to microderm my dry lips so I’d use a much smaller tip. Although the provided tip did work for microderm in my dry lips. Mine was mailed to me as a sample so I could try it and post my opinion. I’m very happy with my devise! Also, the packaging is very nice! It would make a really nice presentation for a Christmas, Mother’s Day or Birthday gift to someone!

If your interested in purchasing this awesome MiniMD Portable Microdermabrasion System you can find it sold on Amazon by going here! It can also be found on QVC’s website by going here.


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