Shock Shutter Child Proofing Electrical Faceplate Covers REVIEW

#ShockShutter #safety #babyproofing  

If you’re a parent then odds are your concerned with child safety and keeping your precious little one safe! Well, I wanted to take the time to tell you about a really impressive product sample I got in the mail that I’m extremely impressed with! It’s brand new to the market and made by a company called Shock Shutter! Drum roll please! It’s a beautiful new face plate that you simply replace your current outlet face plates with. Now let’s take a minute to think of how ingenious and simple this is! Instead of using those ugly cheap looking baby proofing things you stick in the sockets that are a pain to get out when you need to actually use the socket for something like vacuuming maybe or changing out the entire socket to a tamper resistant one that requires an electrician, flipping breakers and of course a nice chunk of change ($$$$$). You simple unscrew one screw, remove the current face plate on the outlet and replace it with the new Shock Shutter face plate. If your child tries sticking something in the socket it won’t open but if both sides/openings are pressed at the same like when you plug something in such as an electrical cord it will open allowing you to easily plug in a cord! The best part is that not only does this protect small children from bad accidents but no one can tell by looking at your outlets that you child proofed them. Also, if you’ve been wanting to update your home and do away with all those out dated cream colored sockets this will cover them up so they’ll all be white! YAY! I love that because I’ve been in the process of switching every socket to white Decora style from the outdated 80’s style almond colored duplex style ones so this helps me out with that. The Shock Shutter outlet covers are offered in both Decora & Duplex style as well as white or almond (cream) color. You can find these for sale on the Shock Shutter website found HERE!


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