Greta The Fox Wooden Baby Toddler Swing Review

#GretaTheFox #EcoFriendly 
If your looking for a really nice Christmas gift idea for a little one in your life you should check out this all wood swing! I just got the Greta The Fox Wooden Baby & Toddler Swing in the mail yesterday and I’m over the moon thrilled with it!!!! The quality is simply AMAZING and it’s Eco-friendly made of solid wood that’s treated with only non-toxic coating! The wood is so natural and pretty.  Even the rope is covered with wooden beads to prevent your baby’s delicate skin from getting roap burn or pinched! Another really awesome feature of this swing is that it arrived 100% pre assembled (THANK YOU)!! This swing is so well thought out and even looks handmade! I’m not thrilled about the color of the wood beads (red & yellow) but I can live with that small detail I guess. Also, I’d like to point out that the wood is sanded very well because it’s extra smooth so no need to worry about splinters or anything like that. Same with the rope, it’s very smooth for little hands. It’s very secure so your little one is totally safe in it. So happy I found a beautiful all wooden swing for my baby so I can replace the plastic Walmart one we had. This is so much nicer than the plastic ones they sell in the store and I just can’t stop raving about it! Mine was mailed to me as a product sample so I could try it out and post my thoughts. Like I said, I love this swing! If your interested in this adorable all wood swing you can find it on sale for only $24.99 (marked down from $39.99) HERE

Save 10% each on the Greta the Fox Baby Swing when you purchase 3 or more. Enter code SWING10. 

Save 5% each on the Greta the Fox Baby Swing when you purchase 2 or more. Enter code SWING05. 




  1. Love the swing but that smile is just adorable..


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