REVIEW Natural Bamboo Washcloths

#BambooWashcloths #natural #naturalliving   

Wow! These are beautiful! When I first opened the box I was in awe over washcloths of all things! They are extremely soft, unlike regular washcloths, especially when they’re wet! These clothes are nice and thick because they are double lined and they’re dye free meaning no chemicals. They clean your face so well without that scratched feeling. I love that they’re made of bamboo making them the more natural choice. Bamboo grows so much faster and it’s more sustainable so it only makes sense to start using more of it. My set was mailed to me as a product sample to try for myself and post feedback on and I honestly love them! The way these are packaged makes them a great option for a wedding or house warming gift! If your interested in these lovely bamboo washclothes you can find them on sale for only $8.99 (marked down from $25.99) over HERE!



  1. This makes me want to order some!!


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