REVIEW Easy@Home 16 Mode TENs Unit for treating pain


tensI was mailed the Easy@Home 16 mode portable Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit to try out and post a blog review on. Well, I’ve tried out lots of different TENs units over the years and I really like this one a lot! It’s small, portable, has s great price point, a rechargeable battery and it’s very small. It’s also approved by the FDA for paid relief therapy on shoulders, waist, joints, back, arm and legs. I love that it really packs a punch when it comes to knocking out chronic pain! I highly recommend this tiny little unit! Mine was mailed to me coupons a sample to try so. Could post my own personal feedback and like I said before! I love it! I think every one should own one of there’s. It’s always best to try a natural approach before turning to pain pills! If you’re interested in this TENs unit you can find it on Amazon on sale for only $59.99 (marked down from $79.99) CLICK HERE.




  1. getmakeupforfree says:

    Tens units are great 🙂 will have to check this one out


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