#REVIEW Vivant Skin Care’s Wink Eye Cream #VivantSkinCare

I can honestly say I’m really impressed with Wink eye cream! I’ve tried several different brands of eye creams and serums over the years and I’ve really noticed results with this brand! I believe their secret ingredients are the peptides and the Hyaluronic Acid. The fine lines and wrinkles near my eyes really have improved which thrills me! My bottle was mailed to me as a sample to try so I could post my opinion. This really is a high quality eye cream that actually works! You can find this eye cream for sale on the Vivant Skin Care website by CLICKING HERE

Click N Play 33 piece Pretend Grocery Toy Shopping Set REVIEW #vegetablefoodplayset


Such a great value for the price! My daughter just got a toy shopping cart and a play kitchen so we of course needed GROCERIES!! These are perfect! It even includes frozen french fries, pizza, can goods, fruited and vegetables, box items and an adorable little shopping basket like the ones at the grocery store that Mommy carries! Our grocery shopping set was sent to us to try so Mommy could post her opinion and I’m extremely pleased with it because you get so much for your money! This is a bargain!! My little one was so happy to get it you would have thought it was Christmas morning! This would make a great gift! he best part is that it’s only $11.99 for all this! http://amzn.to/1lnn6zg


Click n’ Play 23 piece Toy Tool Set Includes Powered Drill, Hammer, Saw, Tape Measure, Tool Belt REVIEW #pretendtoolset23

I just got this adorable toy tool set in the mail and I think it’s perfect for pretend play for a girl or boy! Pretend play is extremely important for small children to stimulate their little minds. Young children love imitating Mommy & Daddy and I just love this cute tool set! I think the drill is the cutest part!! This set would make a perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, Hanakkah present or just something special to buy your little tike! Our set was mailed to us as a sample so the kids could play with it and Mommy could post her opinion! Personally I think all the tools and the belt are nice quality! This set does include smaller parts so it’s recommend for older children and of course not toddlers.  If your interested in purchasing this set you can find it sold on Amazon by clicking HERE. I also like that it’s on sale for only $18.99 marked down from $25.99 which is always a huge plus in my book!


REVIEW Of the Chefmate II Cooking Thermometer #foodiegadget



I’m pretty impressed with this thermometer. The packaging isn’t that impressive so it wouldn’t make a good presentation for a gift but the actual product is excellent and very accurate! I tested this thermometer against another thermometer I had in the house already and they both had the same reading so I was happy about that! It’s very easy to use which keeps it simple and it cleans up easy too. I also like that it’s priced at a good price point so it’s not expensive and it has a helpful chart on the front of it with the proper temperature for different types of meats. Mine was mailed to me as a sample so I could try it and post my opinion. Oh, and another thing I’d like to point out is the bright color, it makes it a lot easier to spot it in your kitchen drawer. I know that’s a minor detail but I thought I’d point it out. If your interested in this product you can find it on sale over HERE and the best part is that it’s currently marked down to $14.95 from $18.95.




Today I’m reviewing PURXURY ORGANIC HYDRATING SERUM + CLEANSER and I’m really liking that this serum is for sensitive skin! Another added bonus is that it’s also a multi use type product meaning that it’s a face serum, eye serum and a cleanser all in one! That’s so convenient for me when traveling and keeps my morning beauty routine simple. Being a mom I’m always looking for simple and quick ways to get thing done. Another thing  I’m really loving about this serum is that it’s all natural and organic. That means a lot in today’s world and I always use organic products whenever I can. When I use this serum my skin feels so soft, hydrated and feeling refreshed. I have noticed the fine lines appear to have filled it a bit and my skin seems more plumped up again like when I was younger. I was mailed a sample to try and post my opinion and like I said before, I love it! It has a really nice texture and glides, smooth and is unscented, which is really nice! If you’d like to try this all natural organic serum by Purxury Organic’s you can find their site HERE! It’s currently on sale for $49.95 marked down from $59.95 which makes it even sweeter!

I was also mailed a sample of their DETOX CHARCOAL SOAP and their ROSE SOAP and the charcoal bar is perfect for shaving with and the Rose bar smells divine! So be sure to check out their all natural bars of soap while your on their site because they truly are wonderful!! I love handmade soap!

Premium Liquid Chalk Markers REVIEW #kynsachalkmarkers


These are not only great for writing on chalk board labels and other smooth surfaces but they are perfect for your kids in the bathtub!! You can give them to your kids to draw in the tub as long as it’s a smooth surface and not a porous surface like natural stone tile. You can also turn the front of your refrigerator into a dry erase board which makes for a great grocery list spot. Same goes for the microwave door, draw on it or turn it into a dry erase board!! It wipes off perfectly with a magic sponge and water. I love these chalk markers! They get 5 stars from me! If your interested in purchasing these liquid chalk markers you can find them on sale over HERE!

[Sample provided for review]

Ozeri Electric Wine Bottle Opener REVIEW


 I used it for the first time without reading the directions or anything and WOW!!!!! It’s magic! If I would have known these were this good I would have bought one a long time ago! I’m so excited about this electric bottle opener. I don’t know how to put it in words! It’s so easy to use, just take the foil cutter & twist it around the top a few times then put the Ozeri bottle opener on top of the bottle, press the down button and hold it until the cork is out of the bottle. Once the cork is out press the up button until it ejects the cork. Mine was sent to me as a product sample to try so I could post my opinion and like I said before, I love this bottle opener. I want to open every bottle in the house but I don’t drink wine that fast! This wonderful gadget is actually on sale at the moment so you can pick it up just in time for the holidays for only $18.90 and I give it a glowing recommendation!