Review Ultimate Sports Pro Running Belt by Sarian Products 

#UltimateSportsPro #running #jogging #CouponinCommunity #Sale #Couponing Attention all couponers! Hurry on over to Amazon to take advantage of this hot deal before it’s gone! This would make a great Christmast gift or just keep it for yourself! This running/jogging belt is on sale for only $16.95 (marked down from $37.95) AND there’s a 25% off coupon code you can stack with it!

 I just got my running belt the mail & I’m loving it! I picked the pretty blue one although I originally wanted pink but it wasn’t offered in the size I needed to accommodate my iPhone 6 Plus. This running belt is made of really quality materials with an elastic waist band which I really like. I love the way it displays my phones screen and I can use my phone threw the plastic with no problem at all. That’s pretty handy and it has a small opening to slide the wire for my head phones (a free pair is included) threw which is pretty standard but surprisingly not every running belt offers that! There is also reflective material on it for safety reason that’s not noticeable unless a cars headlights hit it, in which case it will reflect. Mine was mailed to me as a free sample to try so I could post my own feedback I’m also really impressed with the bonus free headphones that come with it! I highly recommend it and mine will be getting lots of use! If your interested in purchasing this running belt you can find it on Amazon HERE! don’t forget you can save an additional 25% by using the discount code: BELT2525


 If your interested in purchasing this running belt you can find it on Amazon HERE! You can save 25% by using the discount the discount code that was just sent to me: BELT2525


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Hello, My name is Melissa! Like most other women one of my favorite things to do is shop for a deal and I love to do my homework to find out "which" product is the best at the best price! Here you'll find post of my latest coupon finds, clearance steals, product reviews, free samples and more! Sometimes I'll just find a product that I just love and when I do I'll post that here too and explain why it's such a great find! I'll even be posting links to the best sweepstakes too!

4 thoughts on “Review Ultimate Sports Pro Running Belt by Sarian Products ”

  1. Is this just like a fanny pack? Like to store things? Or does it measure how far you’ve ran etc. I’m guessing you use an app on your phone for that 🙂


    1. It’s the same concept as a fanny pack but much smaller so it’s not cheesy. LoL it’s skinny/thin and just big enough for cell phones, keys, money, a debit card, etc.

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      1. Okay, I get it now lol! At first I thought it was like to keep track of exercise stats, I keep seeing fit bit posts on my fb and that type of stuff so I wasn’t sure lol. Yea a fanny pack would be hard to run with for sure. I go walking alot. 🙂


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