Review of the Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Note 3

#ScreenProtector #GotItFree

Hi guys! I was asked to review the Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector! Here are a few of it’s best points:

  • Ultra slim thickness, light weight and very smooth, bubble-free adhesives for easy installation.
    Provide effective protection for your privacy.
    9H strong hardness, protect the screen from damage and scratches.
    Extremely durable for long time use and anti-fingerprint.
  • Fit’s the Galaxy Note 3


This is a wonderful screen protector that’s made of ultra thin tempered glass AND it’s actually a privacy screen which I love!! It’s very easy to install and makes installation bubble free unlike the non glass type! It really does prevent nosy people from seeing your phones screen which I love because I can’t stand someone looking over my shoulder seeing what I’m doing on my phone. When looking at the phone from an angle you can’t see the screen but when the phones in your hand and your looking directly down at it you can see the screen perfectly. You may notice the color of your pictures appear different because the screen is tented but that’s not that big of a deal or at least it doesn’t bother me. I did receive this glass screen protector as a free sample for testing and reviewing. Oh, and another nice feature is that it protects your screen if you happen to drop your phone. The glass screen protector will take the impact instead of your expensive phones screen! All in all I recommend it! You really can’t go wrong buying this! If your interested in this privacy screen protector you can find it HERE!


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