Review Of My New Sonny Canvas Diaper Bag

 Ok, first let me point out that I’m a “handbag snob”! With this being said, the first thing I look at when sizing up a bag is the stitching and this bag passes that test with flying colors! The next thing I look at is the material it’s made of. Is it a cheap stiff material? Nope! This bag is made of a practical, everyday, safe to wash or wipe down material like what a beach bag would be made of (canvas) and it’s not stiff at all. I’m really liking it! Next, I hold it on my shoulder to see how it fits me and once again it past that test too (for me any way). Pockets? Yes, it has lots of those and there just deep enough but not so deep that your stuff gets lost. Definitely a check in my book! Then I think about the over all size. I really like a big bag but not a huge bag or something to small. Now this comes down to personal preference but in my opinion this bags size is just right! Another thing I think about is color and pattern. Navy wouldn’t be my first color choice but I still like it a lot. It’s a good neutral choice. I do wish this diaper bag was trimmed in real leather but instead it’s trimmed in a very high quality faux leather but it’s not that cheap stiff fake stuff. I did received this a bag at a discounted price and asked to personally product test it and review it. I would definitely recommend it! I think it’s a great purchase at only $39 and it will hold up really well over the years! I also like that it comes with a very nice changing pad made of the matching canvas material! All in all the Baby Sonny is a brand new name brand that in my opinion really gives Skip Hop some serious competition! 




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