Would you drink from a glass straw?

  1.  Have you ever though about using a glass straw instead of a disposable straw? I know I haven’t before yet I use disposable straws every day in every thing I drink. That’s why when I was asked to test and review these glass straws I happily accepted the task!   

My first thought when I got these in the mail and opened the package was that it was really “odd” and seemed like another kitchen gadget that may fill my kitchen drawers so that got me thinking of replacing my disposable straws with only these. After I got over the surprise of seeing a glass straw for the first time I think it’s a great idea! They can be rinsed and reused, less to throw away and have to re-buy, they work great for milk shakes, smoothies or even just a regular drink like soda, water, juice, etc. The cleaning wand that comes with them fits very snug inside so it really scrubs well. I haven’t needed to even use it yet. I do have to point out these straws are thick as to prevent chipping or breakage. I’m sure if you tried to break it on purpose it would break but not from every day knocking around in your sink or knocking around in your glass. The straws are a nice length and fit a standard size water bottle just find. This wasn’t a product I had heard of before but I use straws every single day in everything I drink. That’s why when I emailed and offered this at a discount in exchange for product testing and review I accepted. I figured that I was the perfect person to review them because like I said, I love straws!  

You can find my full review on Amazon HERE!



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