World’s 1st Baby Bib That DOESN’T Tie Around Your Baby’s Neck! Meet The Dream Bear Soft Wearable Silicone Bib!

 I was approached to do a review on the Dream Bear Soft Silicone Wearable Baby Bib & of course I jumped at the opportunity to try out a brand new baby product! And I must say, I’m so very excited that I did! I just might replace all the bibs in my house with these exclusively! That’s how excited I am about it!  When I opened the box I was really impressed with the pretty packaging. The bib arrives rolled up in a clear package inside of an Amazon box. My first thought was that it would stay a bit curled after I opened it but nope! It’s very soft and flexible!! The Dream Beat Bib snapped right back to it’s correct shape and it’s nice and gentle on my baby’s skin. It’s wipable with a damp rag or even a baby wipe and the crum catcher on the bottom catches all kinds of things including baby’s dropped cookie. Just think how much laundry this can save you from less bibs in the wash and those clean onesies you’re little one can wear longer! Also, I’d like to note it’s not overly heavy either. So I must confess, I’m totally in love with the way it connects in the back instead of around my little ones neck!! Maybe it’s just me but when I find a new product that is as awesome as this one I get so excited I want to tell everyone! I highly recommend it!  



  1. mbeachmomma says:

    This is the cutest, and best thing invented! 🙂


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