Baby Food Dots For a Your Growing Toddler

baby dotsHere’s a frugal tip! I found this idea of Facebook. It’s an easy way to make a snack for your toddler that’s old enough to eat finger foods & a great way to use up those 1/2 eaten jars/pouches of baby. Or use up the baby food that’s just sitting in you pantry because your little ones out growing them. 

I’m sure lots of you know about and make yogurt dots – well, it’s basically the same thing but use up your baby food instead! A side note: it soothes sore, teething gums.

– gather parchment paper, cookie sheet, plastic bag, baby food.
– line cookie sheet, fill plastic bag with baby food, snip end of bag off (small hole)
– make your dots (chocolate chip sized)
– freeze, 30 mins or so
– quickly transfer into a storage bag, store in freezer.


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