Dyson V6 Modorhead Cordless Vacuum Review

   I bought the Dyson V6 Moterhead from Target. I was really eyeing this baby and when I went back to my surprise it was on sale ($100 off), there was also a 10% off all Dyson products Cartwheel along with my 5% savings for using my Target Red Card! Well, I couldn’t say no to that so I put it in my cart and off to customers service I went! I actually returned to the store to return the Dirt Devil stick vacuum I bought the week before, which I hated! The Dirt Devil clogged entirely too quickly! It couldn’t handle pet hair, it heated up so much it started to burn my hand because the air vents on the handle. To top it off the Dirt Devil is a bit heavier so it really gives you a nice bicep work out by the time your done! I wasn’t thrilled with the cord either. As for my new Dyson V6 Motorhead, I LOVE this vacuum for quick hard floor cleaning/sweeping! Have always owned Kirby`s, but this out does the Kirby by far in terms of convenience, power, and lightweight. This vacuum is so powerful! I honestly can`t believe all it picks up! It is so lightweight and maneuvers so easily. Because the head is not huge, you can easily vacuum under and around furniture. Vacuuming stairs and upholstery is so easy and effortless. When using the attachments, it becomes even lighter and easy to use. I highly recommend this vacuum. What I don’t care for is that I have to hold the button down the whole time I vacuum but it’s located under your index finger so it’s really easy to do and I’m already use to it. It’s designed this way to conserve the battery. Yes, I’d highly recommend this product!

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